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Im generally kinda boring in RL 'a nice girl' (ugh)scatterbrained,goes off on tangents ,with some minor joint mobility issues so i cant craft or write as much as i used hiss.

Love my job but no internets there i spend far too much time in the evening on 'nets to have a real life so im very single,really shy ,slash loving,

Slipped down the rabbit hole into fandom (SGA and Inception) discovered Fanfic by accident while training/verbally bullied daily and it let me escape the madness and yeah,hooked.
Apparantly Im a bit 'strange' meaning i like intelligent conversing,movies,scifi,being sarcastic and generally chatting to anyone i can get hold of ,heh heh.

Friend me /chat to me /defriend me i dont mind will always try to make you smile.
Although i get ideas I.Cant.Write.For.toffee.Or apples. Or any kinda food.
Tried n tried....but i adore reading all 'o your work you annoyingly talented peoples.

My earliest memory of science fiction is being fascinated by Gort from original 'The Day the Earth stood still' -hence my username
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